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Indian Recipes Site made for Indian food lovers. Wide variety of Indian recipes for anyone who loves hot & spicy Indian food. We have more than 1000 Indian recipes carefully chosen by Expert Indian chefs.


Indian Recipes with a wide range of Indian Recipes for Indian food lovers. Download our Indian Recipes e-book for a huge collection of Indian Recipes. Great variety of delicious Indian recipes for anyone who loves spicy food. Carefully chosen Indian Recipes by Expert Indian chefs. Over 1000 Indian recipes to choose.


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Indian recipe is popular among spicy food lovers. This site provides you with Indian Recepies to make Curries of your choice.

This site offers Free Indian recipes Indian food lovers like to have. Step-by-step instructions to make delicious Indian recipes . Spicy and Non-spicy recipes for India food lovers.

Group of spicy recipes India by categories. Remember, most of the Indian foods are spicy. There are non spicy recip es as well.

We have included regional Indian cooking recipes like Punjabi recipes, Gujarati recipes, Bengali recipes, South Indian recipes, Chicken recipes Indian style, Indian Vegetarian recipes, Indian curry recipes, Kerala recipes for kerala cooking, tamil cooking recipes, North Indian recipes, Indian veg recipes, dosa recipes, paneer recipe. Authentic Indian recipes include vegetable korma, Indian sweets recipes, aloo palak, indian snacks recipes, Indian chicken curry recipes.

The section of Vegetarian India recipe contains Paneer recipes, aloo recipes, korma recipe, samosa, sambar, palak recipe, vegetable biryani, masala recipe, idly, indian mushroom recipes, indian recipes spinach, indian chinese recipes, healthy indian recipes, indian eggplant recipes, indian snack recipes

Popular India food Biryani is located in the Rice section under Biryani recipe. In India cooking of biryani is very popular during muslim wedding ceremonies.

Indian curry is popular among many who like to have a hot and spicy food. The term Khana in Hindi means food. Indian snacks are very apetizing. Special Indian cookery is not required to prepare this. Wide range of Indian desserts to choose includes payasam, pradhaman and many popular Indian dessert recipes. Indian Recipies are very similar to pakistani recipes. Pakistan food is also popular among Indian food lovers living abroad. Pakistani food lovers mostly like to have north indians food instead of south indian food. Pakistani cooking styles are very common to Indian cooking.

Indian bread recepies include Naan bread. Get naan recipe from Roti & Breads.

Common Chicken recipes Indian food lovers like to try best Indian recipes butter chicken. Indian fish recipes section will give your wide range of hot and spicy Indian Fish curry.

Indian dishes recipes make Indian food are very colorful. Hindu food is normally considered as Indian vegetarian food. You can download an E-book of Indian cookbook. Please follow the link above. The numerous recipes for indian food has gained a lot in India's food varieties. Simple Indian recipes Indian cuisine lovers. Indian sweet recipes make a colorful range of India's food - Indian dessert.

We have also added microwave indian recipes, indian bread recipes, indian breakfast recipes, south indian vegetarian recipes, indian cabbage recipes, south indian chicken recipes, vegan indian recipes, indian cookery recipes, indian shrimp recipes, south indian cooking recipes, indian vegetable recipes, traditional indian recipes, indian non veg recipes, indian lamb recipes, quick indian recipes, indian desert recipes, indian recipes cauliflower, south indian food recipes, indian recipe vegetarian, indian recipe south.

This collection has recently expanded with indian foods recipe, ancient indian recipes, low fat indian recipes, indian chutney recipes, indian dal recipes, indian mutton recipes, indian snack, indian egg recipes, indian pudding recipes, indian recipes desserts, vegetarian indian food recipes, indian chinese food recipes, southern indian recipes, indian vegetarian recipes, indian salad recipes, indian soup recipes,indian lentil recipes, indian non vegetarian recipes, indian cuisine recipes, indian party recipes, thosa, lowfat indian recipes, chicken indian recipe, indian recipe sweet, indian fry bread recipe, indian cuisine recipe, chicken curry indian recipe, indian north recipe, chinese indian recipe, bread indian recipe and Much more...




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